What to look for in an SEO expert

When looking to optimize the website of your company, it is important that you get the right experts to do the job. The experts will play a pivotal role in determining the success of your website, and thus that of your business as well. There are many SEO experts in the current market, all who market themselves as the best in the industry. Choosing the individual or firm that provides SEO services will require you to make various considerations in relation to the quality they possess. Some of the main qualities to consider are given below.

Top qualities of an SEO expert


Anyone with some SEO knowledge can market himself as an expert and lure you into hiring him. One of the main differences between such individuals and the skilled experts who do a good job is the experience they have. There are various things in SEO, which one can learn only by experiencing what works and what doesn’t work. Different websites may require different tactics to attain success. An experienced expert can determine the tactics that should be used for any particular website. A newbie, on the other hand, may try the same tactics that he knows on every website.


A good SEO expert must have a good understanding of all the three levels of SEO. The first level is technical. It involves everything to do with the website structure, determining how easy it will be for search engines to index your content. The second level is the on-page optimization, which includes the elements like HTML tags and keywords that are aimed at increasing traffic to the site. Off-page optimization is the third level, which majorly involves linking. Make sure that the expert you hire is able to optimize your site from all three levels.

Marketing savvy

rdftrr6kytdrj5rgyuGetting more clients will obviously be among the main goals for embarking on search engine optimization for your company’s website. For that reason, you need an expert who has practical knowledge and ability to attract clients. For example, the SEO expert should have the ability to write quality content that can easily lead to a sale. Remember that past all the technical elements of SEO, it becomes a lot like the traditional marketing.

Goal oriented

A good SEO expert is one who can handle all kinds of SEO but is also able to specialize what your goal is. Achieving a good rank, for example, will not help you a lot, if you are not getting conversions. An expert who can instead focus on conversions and attain his goal will be a better choice.



How to create a good blog

Blogging has become very popular in the current times. Almost everyone with access to the internet gets involved in blogging at some point. However, very few blogs become successful and get a good number of readers. This is perhaps due to the many mistakes that they make. Below are some tips that can help you create a good blog.

Tips for creating a good blog

Have quality content

A popular phrase that you will always hear from successful bloggers is, ‘content is king.’ The statement is actually quite true. For a successful blog, you have to put very high-quality content on a regular basis. Make sure that the content is unique and original. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs. Simply get a topic that you can write about very comfortably and major on it. Simply try to be yourself and express whatever you feel on the blog, in the best possible way.

Build an email list

rykuygtyd6tgydfYou should start building your email list from the very first day that you start blogging. This should be the case even if you do not intend to sell anything through your blog. The list will work as a good channel to promote any new content that you publish, directly to your audience. It allows you to reach your audience effectively, even without good rankings on the search engines. Find creative ways of asking your readers to join your email list for you to get as many readers as possible. A call to action at the end of a post, for example, will work well if you use words that make the reader wish to click on it. If creating a movement or business is the goal of your blogging, then you should ensure that your email list gets top priority. Make sure that you deliver value to them.

Give gifts

In an attempt to attract more readers and make them loyal to our blog, you can try giving away gifts as incentives. The type of gifts can be anything that you can afford, including vouchers, coupons, and special content among many others. To make the most out of it, you can form some kind of competition where anyone is invited to participate.

Optimize for search engines

Search engines can deliver a good number of visitors to your blog, but only if you optimize well for it. You can get a professional to do it on your behalf if you do not know how to go about it.